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Pentagon attack Debris Piece 9/11

debris photo 1
Enlarged photo of debris. Curvature is much too small for a 757

contractors trailer
The rectangular piece on the bottom, is the remains of a contractors trailer.
The large burned looking crumpled piece of debris MAY be the rest of the contractors trailer. If it is, does the damage to it look like it was caused by a plane hitting it?

trailer wreckage CNN photo of trailer wreckage

trailer pentagon 9/11Aug 25th 2001

The yellow arrow is the direction the plane came in.
The black arrow is pointing to the contractors trailer.
This should have been a direct hit.
The nose, fuselage and left wing should have all impacted this trailer.
Why is the trailer remains left, but no plane? Why is the middle pushed away from the pentagon?
How could the damage be on the bottom floor (left of trailer on the photo below) if the plane hit the top of the trailer? Since the top of this piece is bent toward the pentagon, if it were a plane, the plane would have had to hit the top, if it had hit the middle of the trailer, the middle would have bent in toward the Pentagon. This is clearly not the case.

See graphics here

Here is a different angle, just above the windshield of the car

these cars should clearly have been hit by the left wing, damage to the bottom floor was behind the cars?

Yet another angle....

One of the Pentagon’s two fire trucks was parked only 50 feet from the crash site, and it was “totally engulfed in flames,” Anderson says. Nearby, tanks full of propane and aviation fuel had begun igniting, and they soon began exploding, one by one. As Anderson ran closer, he saw the three firemen on duty at the Pentagon firehouse pull the second truck out of the garage. “Just three guys trying to put out this huge fire—but they very heroically pulled their truck closer to the fire than they probably should have.” msnbc.msn.com/id/3069699/

Here is another piece of debris, too small of a curvature for a 757 !

letsroll 9/11 pentagon

roll911 pentagon


This is a different piece ( 3rd) that have the same curvature and coloring.

changing the topic,
what pushed its way through the back wall ?
It was only 8 ft high.
I did this following through with the curvature on the piece of debris.
The hole is about 12 feet max.

pentagon exit hole analysis debris
pentagon hole

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